Apr 16

Running On Running’s Most Famous Stage: 2012 Marathon!

Record highs for the Boston Marathon in 2012!  I took the train to the Mile 10 mark and watched the elite women, then the men pass.  I waited to jump in with a friend that was in the second wave, then ran a mile with her, waited and ran with another friend for a while. I wasn’t registered and I didn’t want to take water or medical attention from a runner – so, I ran until my water was gone, stopped to buy water, then ran until that was gone and got on the T.    The medical tents were full of runners and there were people sitting along the course – not just walking…SITTING down.  Scarey!

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Apr 11

Running On Track

Speed Work!  Fun?  Yes!  I did my speed work with friends and had a great time! But you don’t need a track.  The thing is…to be faster, you have to run faster.  Why do runners say “I want to be faster, I just don’t know how to get faster”?  Think about it on your next run – the difference between running at your comfortable pace and running from a rabid dog, then pick a point in the near distance and pick up the pace!  Faster = faster.

Apr 10

Running On Heartbreak and Dreams

What a Fun Group!  We started Easter morning along the Boston Marathon route for 8+ miles.  A few people couldn’t resist their chance to run across the finish line of the marathon…so we ran the extra mile to go Right on Hereford, Left of Boylston!

This is such a great run to build confidence for Boston Marathon runners!  So many runners have said “oh, THAT was Heartbreak Hill?!  I can do that!”  If you can run, bike or walk any part of your next race – do it!

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Mar 27

Running On Fresh Pond with Fresh Legs

Running On Fresh Legs after a few days off! After coming home from San Francisco, it was great to run this flat course around Fresh Pond with a few friends! Love love love the Spring season! Running On Shorty Shorts is coming soon!

Mar 23

Running On Golden Gate

We were Running On Fumes in San Francisco – after spending a couple of days touring the bay and tasting wine in Sonoma, we ran the Emerald Nut 12k across the Golden Gate bridge on Sunday.  Absolutely loved the views, the weather and the nuts runners!

Mar 13

Pedaling On Record Highs!

The record highs in March with Spring weather must be hurting our local gyms!  I am still enjoying my morning workouts, but running and commuting are strictly outdoors!

I rode my bike to Boston today – why commute on the train if you can train on the commute?

(Honestly, the picture is the Boudhanath in Kathmandu and not on my way to Boston.  If you’re interested in a biking tour in Nepal (or any extreme adventure in the Himalaya) I would be glad to share my experience with you!)

Mar 11

Running On Milestones: Second Leg of Three Parts to Run BAA!

What a morning to be Running On Lost Time!  We had to adjust to an early wake up call for daylight savings time – but it was an amazing morning to run the second leg of the BAA Marathon tour series!  We started at the Mile 10 mark in Natick and ran through Natick, Wellesley and Newton.  It was such a gorgeous March morning with so many people training on course – we were inspired to pick up the pace through Wellesley and tackled that up hill to the I-95 overpass with no problem!  NICE NICE RUN!

Mar 10

Running On History: First Leg of Three Parts to Run BAA!

Today we ran from Ashland to Natick!  The first leg of a three part series to run the course of the BAA Marathon.  OK-Let’s be honest about this tour.  It goes from Ashland, through Framingham to Natick.  It’s the true suburbs of Boston where houses are affordable and forgotten factories remind us of when Americans worked around the clock to produce the best products in the world.  It might not be the most beautiful miles of the BAA, but it’s full of history and landmarks that make us proud to run this course.

There were so many runners on the course today!  Absolutely inspiring!

Feb 26

Running On History Tour

Natick Center

This morning we went Running On History from the original start of the BAA Marathon! It all started in Ashland, MA in 1897 with 15 men racing for Boston. Today we followed in their footsteps by taking the train from Back Bay to Ashland, then running to Natick Center. If you want to know what it’s like to run Boston and get a few pictures along the way, this is the tour to take!

Feb 25

Running On Freedom Trail in Boston

Paul Revere

Windy Saturday! Sometimes I need extra motivation to get out and run – you can really make your training entertaining in Boston! I ran 3 miles on a tour of Boston today. It was fun to learn about history along the route and get in a few miles.


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